I started my tattoo career in 2012, specializing in all tattoos concerning the Pacific. Including Polynesian, Marquesan, Samoan, Maori, Hawaiian, Borneo, Haida, Yap, Kalinga, Mentawai tattoos.
My inspiration comes from the following islands; the Cook Islands, French Polynesia, the Marquesan Islands, the Solomon Islands, the Marshall Islands, the Mentawai islands, Fiji, New Zealand, Borneo, Samoa, Micronesia.

I studied mainly tattoo related meanings in symbols, but I also have a keen interest in everything that concerns the Pacific. 
For example: the culture, the carvings, weapons, statues and so on.

Also I studied the anatomy of the human body. I find it really important to make a tattoo design on the right perspection following the muscles and the movement of the body itself.