Leave the plastic on until the next morning.
After waking up you can take the plastic off carefully and then take a shower.
Wash the tattoo with water or PH- neutral soap. 

After taking a shower let your tattoo dry by air.
Thereafter apply the tattoo with a thin layer Bepanthen ointment.
For at least 3-5 times per day.
Always wash your hands with unicura before using Bepanthen.

Avoid the sun and do not go under a sunbed with your tattoo.

Do not let your tattoo soak, so no swimming pool or take a bath.

Only wear cotton cloths or denim over your tattoo.

Make sure your tattoo wont get dirty.
Think about dusty rooms, sand, dirty water etc.

With extreme redness, pain, swelling or inflammation always contact your doctor!

Enjoy your tattoo!